CEASE Therapy

Dr Tinus Smits's method: Complete Eradication of Autism Spectrum Expression


CEASE therapy is a combination of classical homeopathy, isopathy (a form of homeopathy) and orthomolecular treatment for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and it is used by parents and families of autistic children worldwide


It is gaining increasing recognition for the treatment of vaccine-induced or environmentally induced neurological disorders among children anywhere on the autistic spectrum, including classic Kenner autism, Aspergers syndrome or PDD-NOS. 


It was developed by the late Dr Tinus Smits, doctor and homeopath, who treated 300 autistic children with dramatic results by focusing on what many believe is the exciting cause of the condition: toxicity.  Dr Smits believed that while everyday toxins leave some people unaffected in the long run, they can seriously affect more sensitive individuals and actually cause chronic disease.


During his development of his method, Dr Smits came to firmly believe that the cause of ASD was 70% due to vaccinations, 25% due to environmental toxins and 5% due to genetic causes and that by detoxifying these offending substances from the body, healing can be achieved. 


In many of cases, his patients - no longer considered autistic - could go back to mainstream school following treatment.  The key to healing is finding the offending substance in each individual child's case and detoxing it from his/her body.  Read more about CEASE on their global website.  Or read successful autism cases treated by Dr Smits.


I am a certified CEASE therapist. This therapy is relatively new, certification was first available in 2008.  I got certified in the second round of certifications in Cambridge in 2011 taught by Ton Jansen and Dr An van Veen - both of whom worked closely with Dr Tinus Smits for his last ten years.


The therapy can be used safely while your autistic child is on a special diet, supplements or even on regular conventional medication.  I am also happy to work with your child's doctor, if required.


If you are interested in bringing your child for a consultation, please contact me to discuss your child's case.

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"The CEASE approach stands out among many others for its clarity, simplicity and its focus on cause."  - J.B. Handley, Generation Rescue


During CEASE therapy, your child will be recommended or will receive

a) vitamins and minerals to support his/her nervous and gastrointestinal systems;

b) individualised homeopathic constitutional remedies; and

c) repeated isopathic remedies to detox offending substances from the body.


autismbeyonddespaircover.jpg To get an idea of what to expect during treatment, I recommend reading Dr. Tinus Smits' book 'Autism Beyond Despair', which details many individual ASD cases. Order on Amazon or download the Kindle version ebook.